Potato, Broccoli, Ham Soup - Apple Cranberry Crisp

Well some fall weather has finally showed up down here... YEAH!!! In honor of this wonderful weather I prepared a very rich potato soup and an apple dessert too! For the soup I chose potato, broccoli, and ham. And for the dessert, a nice and easy apple crisp that I found on Ginger Rose. What a lovely fall combo, and prepared both with what I had on hand to boot!

Potato, Broccoli, and Ham Soup

1.5c ham stock
2 c chicken stock
1 c water
4 med baking potatoes, peeled and cubed
1/2 16 oz bag frozen broccoli
1 tsp pepper
2 tbsp butter
3/4 c whole milk
1/2 c diced ham

First I made the ham stock. Covered a small ham bone with water. Added 1/4 of a small onion, a clove of garlic and simmered for about two hours. Removed the ham bone to cool. Next cover the potatoes with chicken stock and water, and boil gently. Meanwhile steam the broccoli until it is really soft. When the potatoes are done, add the broccoli, butter, pepper and reduced to a simmer. Pick the ham, dice, and add it along with the ham stock to the potato soup. Allow to simmer for a few minutes to blend flavors. Finally, slowly add the milk, stirring constantly until the soup is nice and thick. Serve bowls topped with Sargento's Shredded Authentic Mexican Cheese.

Turned out to be a very rich, flavorful, and comforting soup.

Apple Cranberry Crisp

3  large granny smith apples

1/2 cup cold butter, cut in chunks (I used half butter and half margarine)
1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup brown sugar, packed
1/3 cup oatmeal or graham wafer crumbs ( i used oatmeal)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/3 cup dried cranberries

Danielle made some great additional topping "add in" suggestions. I took her advice and added the cranberries.
Preheat the oven to 375. Grease a 10" baking dish. Cored, peel, and slice granny smith apples. Sprinkled them with cinnamon and place in baking dish, making sure fruit is evenly distributed. In a food processor, pulse all topping ingredients until crumbly. Pour crumbs over fruit and bake for 40 minutes. WOW was this crisp ever a hit. The oatmeal and cranberries added a nice flavor and texture to the topping.

Be sure to visit Ginger Rose; you will not be disappointed I promise!

Happy Fall!


Vodka Logic said…
Both sound very tasty and doable with my limitied kitchen skills...thanks.
Angie said…
Both sound great, but I love the crisp the most!
Reeni said…
I bet the ham adds really nice flavor to the soup! And I love apple crisp - so yummy with cranberries!
Karine said…
Both recipes sound delicious! Thanks for sharing :)
Pam said…
Your soup looks scrumptious!
Sam D. said…
look good to me. was here reading your post and followed you as well. i hope you can follow mine. thank you
Lo said…
Oh, it's just the best thing when you can use up the things on hand! What a great fall meal... love the "ramped up" potato soup concept. Nice way to get your crucifers!
That soup looks wonderful to me. I think I'll make some this weekend! Thanks for sharing!
Juliana said…
Oh! Both look so yummie, the soup looks so tasty and the apple cranberry crisp will go welll with a scoop of vanilla ice cream :-)
What a great recipes for autumn! I'd love to have a piece of this crisp! :)
Sara said…
I cant wait to try the soup and the crisp looks so good!
I want to take a bite of that apple cranberry crisp. Too bad it's on the screen. Thanks for sharing this.
Unknown said…
Nice blog you got right here... I enjoyed reading your posts. I'm sure I'll visit here more often. Anyway, if you are interested, you can take a look at these amazing French macaroons and Almond macaroon cookies I've been trying to make.. It's very hard though... :) If you know how to make these, maybe you could give me some tips. Thanks!
The apple crisp is wonderful for my sweet tooth… really so appealing!


Unknown said…
It is not going to surpass 50 degrees here in Seattle today so it is perfect soup weather. This soup looks like it would be a great tummy warmer for a day like today. Thanks for sharing and thank you for stopping by my blog!

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