Daybreak Virtual Tour - Restaurant Reviews and More

I have an online friend who brags that Daybreak is Utah's favorite place to live and even to buy a new home. The town website boasts that over the past several years more people have moved to Daybreak in South Jordan than to any other new-home community in Utah. Ok what is the allure?

Beings how I cannot simply hop a flight and check it out, I did a net tour of Daybreak. Of course, food was my first concern; what type of restaurants do they offer along with the grocers and popular foodie events.

Daybreak Restaurants
Turns out, they have what is called SoDa Row, an artsy type shopping area located inside the community. All the shops feature a fresh theme and the food establishments locally grown whenever possible.

The San Gelato Café is perfect for lunch or a mid afternoon treat. Reminiscent of a Northern Italy cafés, this establishment offers Panini with foccacia, whole-wheat, or wrapped varieties, ensalatas (salads) and pizzette (10” pizza) all with an Italian flavor. Zuppa (soup) is also available seasonally.

Photo Credit - What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine

OMG Italian Desserts! You all know Italian is my favorite cuisine and desserts are my favorite part of any meal. They offer Gelato, Cannoli, Tiramisu, and of course caffé (coffee). Choices include espresso, cappuccino, and lattes hot or cold to name a few. This would definitely be my favorite SoDa Row establishment. Espresso and dessert for lunch, woo hoo! Wonder if their cannoli compare to the beautiful and delicious level presented here by Ms.Claudia?

The Wabi Sabi Japanese Fusion and Sushi features NYC executive chef Joshua who creates colorful and fabulously fresh dishes from all natural and organic ingredients. I’m a simple girl. My dinner choice would be an order of sushi and a plate of baby back ribs!


Searching for the perfect dessert to compliment the Japanese experience, I made a virtual visit to Swirly Girls Gourmet Bakery. Debi Jensen and Amberleigh Farrell two local Daybreak women pooled their passions and 35 years of experience giving birth to this gourmet bakery. They are SoDa Row’s newest addition. The bakery offers boxed lunches, cakes and cake truffles, cookies and bars, cup cakes, and pasties. Their other services include custom designed wedding cakes, catering, and delivery of lunch boxes and fresh baked goods.

I just their tag line, “Stop in and see us for your next treat, and fall in love with the Swirly Girls!” My sampling would include the chocolate raspberry truffles, not ordering a large amount only because I have to save room for that Gelato!

Daybreak Living
The Daybreak website offers a great overview and highlights of the community. I thought the neighborhoods were nothing short of amazing. Can you imagine living in one of these single-family homes or urban living dwellings?
Lofts and Flats
Urban Living Near SoDa Row
First Time Homes
Large and In Charge Family

In addition, the schools in South Jordan Utah have received favorable reviews. I’m sure my mom readers will be impressed with this!

“A recent University of Utah study showed that 88% of 5th graders who live in Daybreak walk to school vs. 17% in neighboring communities. With safer streets by design, and kids who tend to walk together in groups, the bus and your car can stay parked.
Daybreak currently has three schools: two K-6 public elementary schools — Daybreak Elementary and Eastlake Elementary — and a K-9 public charter school called the Early Light Academy. The plan for Daybreak includes additional schools as the community grows.”
Daybreak Events
The local summer event calendar for Daybreak is as follows. While I didn't find any foodie events list, it is quite interesting the author added this note, "Here is a peek into what is happening this summer in Daybreak, I hope some of you can get out to these events… I will try to get to a few of these events as well, on my scooter most likely…" Everything must be located within scooter distance, how exciting!

June 11th – Daybreak Triathlon
June 16th - SoDa RoW Classic Car Show
June 18th – Ladybug Release (at all of your local gardens)
June 18th –Daybreak Moonlight Movie Series

July 4th- Daybreak 4th of July Block Parties
July 16th - Daybreak Moonlight Movie Series
July 16-29th – Daybreak Garden park Clubhouse Event
July 21st- SoDa RoW Classic Car Show

August 9-13th – Daybreak/South Jordan International Days
August 18th - SoDa RoW Classic Car Show
August 20th - Daybreak Moonlight Movie Series
August 20th- South Valley Half Marathon

I didn't find much on the grocers but found quite few addresses for small local markets. Guess I'll have to really visit Utah in order to review those UNLESS you all have inside information. In that case, please do share it with me and my readers!

Now I can see why my friend brags about Daybreak. They are building a unique community based on lifestyles. Whether your focus is a foodie, green living, urban, family, or retirement lifestyle, each strategically located neighborhood can be accommodated.

Hope you found my Daybreak tour enjoyable and informative.


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